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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Genus Epidemicus - Phosphorous

There are lots of junky illnesses going around! They're everywhere. People coughing, kids vomiting ... every day you hear someone else has it. The current illness is one that doesn't respond well to Tylenol or Motrin. (Given the recent recall of children's medications, it's just as well.) It seems the fever hits the 103 mark and doesn't want to budge.

But with careful evaluation, you can see the progression of the illness and thankfully, this is one of those illnesses that responds to a genus epidemicus. A genus epidemicus is a remedy that covers a circulating illness and may present slightly different symptoms in different people but overall, all symptoms fit one particular remedy. In this case, it's Phosphorous. Many cases begin with a headache - it's described as burning and throbbing and starts in the temples but can be felt all over the head. However, some start with a hoarse voice. Both then progress to a cough which hurts the throat. It sounds dry and croupy and harsh from the throat. One might describe it as a "hard" or "harsh" congestion in the throat.

Eventually, the children spike a moderately high fever up to 103 and then vomit (usually on the second day). Either with this or shortly after, there is an ear ache. Usually the person is very thirsty for cold drinks. They may have diarrhea as well.

The throat may hurt on coughing and the person may grasp the throat to try to minimize the pain. While some children will seem very tired and not want to move about, others will play even though they have a high fever.

If given early enough, Phosphorous can completely extinguish the illness. And if given at any time during the illness, it should help ease the symptoms and speed recovery. My 8 year old complained of the headache last night. I gave him 2 pellets of Phos, 30c dry and sent him to bed. He woke up this morning feeling fine!

My littlest one (age 4) woke up with it this morning. A very harsh sounding croupy cough. She said it hurt her throat to cough and she felt like her throat was "too big to breath in when coughing."

It was a very deep, croup sounding cough.  I gave her 2 pellets dry and within 15 minutes she was perked right up. Within 30 minutes, you would never know she had woken up in such a state. Three hours later, and she's completely well. Without homeopathy, this would have been a series of children's medications (which may or may not have helped) and definitely a doctor or an ER visit.

I kept checking in with her to see if she was feeling OK. I asked her if she needed a redose or if she was feeling well and quite exasperated she said, "Mom, I'm fine! I'm not sick anymore and I won't need another dose today."

She was right. She had a wonderful time at graduation, ate pizza and cake at the party, and had a happy day that I'm sure will remain a fond memory for many years to come.

Thank you Lord and Samuel Hahnemann for homeopathy! :-)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods - A Picture of Platinum Metallicum

I did a small stint as a "calligrapher to the stars" (sort of) back when I was doing calligraphy for social and PR events. It was really fun to letter pieces I knew would be delivered to the biggest stars and socialites in America. I admit, once I became a homeopath, I've had a little daydream or two about becoming a homeopath to the stars. What better way to spread the word about homeopathy's true healing abilities than through those who are most visible in the public eye. Many a product has been discovered because so-and-so uses it.

This may be why I like to hypothesize about remedies for celebrities when they have the unfortunate experience of having their woes and ailments splattered throughout the media for all to see. Or perhaps it is because when growing up, I myself dreamed of becoming a star. More likely it is because it is extremely frustrating to see anyone suffering when I know what could help them and there isn't anything I can do about it.

And so, I was particularly intrigued by Tiger Woods' statement today regarding his infidelities. Here's a man who worked his entire life to become the world's greatest golfer. And in this, he has been outrageously successful. In the process, he also was successful in building a brand - the "Tiger Woods' brand of integrity." Part of the reason he was so enormously successful is because he was believed to be a person of integrity, intelligent, hardworking, ethical, and private. Now we know why he was so private.

Tiger is the perfect example of how we like to build up our celebrities, make them great, feed the energy that makes them a bright and shining star. We make them feel they are better than everybody else because we treat them that way. I believe people become "stars" because so many people focus their attention and energy on them. All this energy concentrates until this person's persona takes it on so much, it continually attracts more energy.

One of the only stars I ever saw in person was Jaleel White, the actor who played Steve Urkel on Family Matters. This was back in 1994 when I was on my honeymoon and we were in a restaurant in Bermuda. And I tell you what, oddly enough, I couldn't help but crane my neck to look at him ... more than once. Steve Urkel - me - craning my neck to see him ... why? Because he was a "star." It was an energetic draw I could not resist. I can only imagine the energy radiating from a star like Tiger Woods or Brad Pitt.

I digress. So we build this person up, we put them on a pedestal. We *demand* they be what we want them to be. We want them to be perfect. We idolize them - we treat them special because we think they are not like ordinary people. But we're wrong - they are still just like you and me because they are human. Yes, the majority have something special about them, a unique talent, a strong skill, good looks, a certain magnetic energy. Whatever it may be, it doesn't matter what it is that makes them famous, it only matters that they are.

Then when one of these stars trips up, or commits adultery, or does something we as a society have designated as wrong, we can't wait to pounce and extinguish that star. So as much as this person was admired, they are now criticized and ridiculed. This person, who until this point has been honored and idolized, is suddenly cast out. They are no more "worthy" of our admiration. Alas, we find, they are human after all. Every great power (empire) must fall. Isn't that the saying? And the American media makes sure of it.

It is especially disturbing though when someone like Tiger falls. Why? Because we thought he was the one. He was different. He appeared a person of morals, and perhaps even humble beneath the confidence. But Tiger's speech today revealed he was anything but. He felt he "deserved to enjoy the temptations." He felt, 'normal rules didn't apply.'

This is where we come to Platinum Metallicum, the remedy. This remedy is made from platinum which is considered the rarest of precious metals. Just look at the way platinum is described on its own website.
Platinum is:
  • rare, a treasure coveted by influential individuals...
  • exclusive, a statement of individuality, and desired by those in the know...
  • eternal, with everlasting radiance...
  • versatile, with remarkable qualities ...
Does this sound like Tiger? Or many of the other superstars? This is the energy of platinum. But platinum, as a remedy, reveals more of its characteristics than just its looks and star power. The people requiring this remedy can feel above everyone else. They feel they are unique, and special. They also can have a very high desire for sex.

The materia medica reads, "Arrogant, proud, contemptuous, and haughty... " looking down " upon people...  delusions, as if everything about her/him were small; all persons physically and mentally inferior, but s/he physically large and superior. Hypersexuality. Extravagance. Ailments from sexual excesses."

Looking at some of the rubrics for Platinum, it seems a likely fit for Tiger. Keep in mind that delusions in homeopathy can be either imaginary or real. They express a state of the mind and can be interpreted figuratively as well as literally.

mind, psychological themes, altruism;
mind, psychological themes, work, productivity, money, social status;
mind, psychological themes, sex;
mind, adulterous;
mind, thoughts, persistent sexual;
mind, ailments from business;
mind, delusions, imaginations, he is better than others;
mind, delusions, imaginations, he is a great person;
mind, delusions, imaginations, of superiority;
mind, delusions, imaginations, of wealth; (certainly not a delusion in Tiger's case!)
mind, ailments from self-esteem, egotism;
mind, delusions, imaginations, has disgraced his family;
mind, estranged from his wife;
mind, morose, sulky (is it me or does Tiger always look like he is either sulking or about to cry);
mind, expression, appearance of suffering;
eyes, glassy appearance;
mind, ailments from mortification;
mind, shame;
mind, remorse, repentance;
mind, concerned about social position;
mind, desires to do penance;

So these rubrics exemplify some of the emotions revealed during the proving of platinum. You can see where this remedy covers Tiger's situation extremely well, both before and after his so-called fall from grace. These are definitely not the only rubrics for the remedy which is as multifaceted as its beautiful organic state.

What would the remedy do for Tiger? Well, presumably, if truly homeopathic for him, it would ease his suffering greatly. It might help him understand himself better. It may help him get past the feelings of sexual addiction. It might help him forgive himself and help him make good on his desire to make amends and lead a more balanced life - both professionally and personally. Strangely enough, it might help him be a better golfer. Many homeopathic patients report their skills improving or a feeling of balance that allows them to excel in creative endeavors. And many do not know, the ultimate end result of healing with homeopathy is what the Buddhists refer to as enlightenment.

I have seen remedies turn people's lives around almost immediately. Sometimes the person would report, "I don't know why I felt that way ... thought that ... wanted to ... but I just don't anymore." Homeopathy can bring healing not only on the physical level but to those ailments that are purely mental/emotional. And all without side effects or altering our brains and bodies with chemicals.

I hope some day the gentle, amazing healing of homeopathy will be a superstar itself.

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

What can homeopathy do?

I am frequently asked, "Can homeopathy cure this?" or "Can homeopathy work for that?" Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine. However, like allopathic medicine, it has its limitations. I would never guarantee a cure of anything. Only someone's vital force knows what it is or isn't capable of.

But I thought it would be interesting to make a little running list of some of the things I have seen homeopathy cure in the past 6 years. Some of the details have been changed to protect identities but all of these are real cases.

It is a shame I cannot practice homeopathy where I now live. But it is my hope someday homeopathy will become a standard integration with allopathic care instead of an unknown and misunderstood alternative.

Cured cases:

1. Depression/bipolar – 36 yo man. Aurum Metallicum, 6c. Infrequent water doses. Family history of bipolar. Mother schizophrenic. All 5 siblings bipolar and medicated. Had started meds but did not like side effects. Extreme anxiety. Took several doses of 6c in water over the course of 1 month. No further need for any medication. Had his best financial year he ever had. Remained well for 2+ years, lost contact.

2. Chronic back pain – 65 yo woman. Nux Vomica – 2 doses of 30c dry. Debilitating pain interrupting daily life. Dry dose - pain traveled down one side and then to the other side. Redosed 2 pellets – pain was completely gone – has not reoccurred in 4+ years.

3. Mitral Regurgitation – valve replacement surgery pending – 60 yo man. Laurocerasus – liquid dosing 30c – 1M. Cured after 6 months – no surgery necessary. Also eliminated need for meds for high blood pressure and high cholesterol which he had been on for 20+ years.

4. Alopecia – 7 yo boy – Lycopodium. Hair began falling out in big patches. Liquid dosing, full head of hair grew back within 4 months. First came in downy and soft, then full and beautiful.

5. Pneumonia – 32 yo man – Lycopodium. Pain was severe in right lung. Was beginning to hepatize (harden) – difficulty breathing, asthmatic symptoms, burning pain and heaviness in chest. Liquid dosing, 30c. Cured in 24 hours – went in for follow up x-ray – lung completely clear.

6. Pneumonia – 4 yo boy – Lycopodium. Nostrils flaring, could not breath, nebulizer treatments every 1-2 hours bringing minimal relief. Chest rales (visible on inspiration). Complete cure within 48 hours.

7. HSP – vasculitis and nephritis – bleeding from intestines, kidneys, and covered in bruises – 10 yo girl – Crotalus Horridus. Kidneys stopped bleeding within 1 week. Full recovery. Also cured of ADD, chronic stomach pain and frequent vomiting. 4 months of LM dosing up to LM6. Continues on remedy as needed. 2 years out.

8. Alzheimers – 82 yo woman. – Nat Sulph, liquid dosing, 30c – 1M. Euphoric response to first dose. Went from lying in fetal position and not knowing her children or grandchildren to full recovery.

9. Stroke – 84 yo woman. Baryta Carb, dry dosing, 30c-1M. Was turned out of rehab because no further progress was thought could be made. Was in wheelchair, could not stand unassisted, no use of right arm, slurred speech. 6 months – walking without walker, full use of arm, speech returned to normal.

10. Autism – 5 yo girl – post DTP vaccine at 5 year booster. Liquid dosing of DTP, 30c. Return to normal until treatment discontinued.

11. Depression – 40 yo man – post tetanus vaccine. Would not get out of bed, no desire to do anything. DTP remedy, 30c. Return to normal self.

12. Pertussis aka Whooping cough – 9 cases – various remedies – Ipecac, Pertussinum nosode, Drosera, Chamomila, Coccus Cacti. All recovered well.

13. Prostate cancer – 64 yo man. PSA measurement was 2.5. gleason score 6/7. After Thuja, LM1 – LM7, measurement was 0.01. Afterwards, decided to do traditional medical treatment of radiation.

14. HSP – vasculitis and nephritis – 32 yo woman. Lachesis, liquid dosing, 30c-200c. From grief following death of mother and sister.

15. Mastitis and thrush – 26 yo woman. Borax and then Silicea, both liquid dosing, 30c potency. Horribly painful nursing. Full cure, went on to very healthy nursing.

16. Pre-term labor contractions, 36 yo woman. Natrum Muriaticum, 30c, 2 pellets dry. Had preterm labor contractions starting at 20 weeks and 21 weeks respectively with first two pregnancies. Did 5-6 months of bedrest for remainder of both pregnancies with contractions throughout. Third pregnancy, contractions began at 21 weeks. Took 2 pellets of Nat Mur dry. Contractions stopped within 24 hours, no further contractions in full term pregnancy. (me!)

17. ADHD – 10 yo boy. Lycopodium, 30c – 1M liquid dosing. Difficulty paying attention in school, difficulty with reading. Timid in groups. School pressuring parents to do meds. 4 months post dosing, improved in all areas, excelling in sports, “a different kid.”

18. Acute ear infection – 9 yo girl. Belladonna, 30c, liquid dosing. Severe pain began suddenly on the way home from swimming at a lake. Face red, crying with pain. 1 tsp dose direct every 15 minutes. Would fall asleep after dose, then wake crying in pain. Dosed 4 times, all pain ameliorated.

19. Post-herpetic neuralgia, 28 yo woman. Natrum Muriaticum, 30c. Severe pain in shoulder, extending up to head, and down arm. Not able to move arm at all. Recently had shingles. Nat Mur, 30c, liquid dosing. Complete amelioration of all pain – and lasting improvement in overall mood – feels “like her old self.”

20. Guillain-Barre – post viral paralysis, 7 yo girl. Natrum Muriaticum, 30c. After flu, awoke one morning and fell out of bed unable to walk. No pain. Could not use legs. Doctor determined Gullain-Barre Syndrome. Nat Mur, 30c, 2 pellets dry, complete amelioration of symptoms within 4 hours.

21. Chronic allergic reaction – 60 yo man. Apis, 200c, liquid dosing. Chronic red, swollen eyes with intense itching. Ongoing for several months, reoccurring for 2 years. Several liquid doses of 1 tsp direct completely cured – 2+ years.

22. Alleged encephalitic reaction to MMR vaccine – 18 mo girl. Screaming fits, becoming rigid and must be left in the crib otherwise would hurt herself. Uncontrollable screaming and thrashing. Began 24 hours after MMR vaccine. 1 dose, MMR remedy, 30c potency – no further fits.

23. Chronic diarrhea – 2 yo boy. Kali Phos, 30c, then LM1, liquid dosing. Chronic stomach aches and diarrhea after eating. Undigested and liquid stool, smells of blood. Irritable behavior. Extremely shy. Liquid dosing for several months, complete cure. No further diarrhea, very talkative, happy child.

24. Sciatica – 61 yo woman. Nux Vomica, 200c. Severe pain traveling down leg. No comfortable position. Liquid dosing – full cure within 12 hours.

25. Worms – 2.5 yo girl. Cina, 1M, liquid dosing. Irritable behavior, scratching others, biting, picking nose, eating nonstop, constipation, dark circles under eyes. 1 tsp dose of Cina, 1M. Passed long worm and several short worms within 30 minutes of dose. Complete cure of behaviors and appetite returned to normal. Became very happy and easy going.

26. Diabetes – 40 yo woman – Heloderma, LM1. 1 week of liquid dosing. Fasting blood glucose 145. Numbness and swelling in hands, arms, feet. Pain in bottom of feet, worse walking. Diplopia (blurry vision), huge swings in blood sugar levels. Follow up fasting blood sugar in 3 months was 80. A1C was 5.3 – non-diabetic. All other symptoms ameliorated. Follow up blood glucose in 6 months was 72, A1C, 5.2. (There is a new allopathic medicine using the toxins from the Heloderma (gila monster). I just went direct to the source because the symptoms fit.) 10+ months out. (again, me!)

Some of the things I was not able to help (please note that this can be my own limitations and not necessarily because homeopathy can't help it):

1. Lyme disease in 8 yo girl. Lyme can be treated with homeopathy if caught early (read: immediately). However, unfortunately, in this case, it was not known there was Lyme until later. In any event, Lyme is one case I would do immediate antibiotics as this can halt the Lyme if caught early enough. Any residual effects of the antibiotic can be addressed later with homeopathy.

2. Cold sores on the mouth – chronic condition – significantly reduced episodes but still reoccur once per year.

3. Autism – several cases were difficult and continuing homeopathy was not desired by the parents.

4. Shoulder pain – chronic shoulder pain continues to be one of the most difficult symptoms to cure.

5. Migraines – two cases – chronic – very sensitive to remedies – patient not wanting to continue, the other, still trying.

6. Gout – gout is extremely difficult to cure although not impossible.

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

How to Make a Remedy Solution Bottle

Erilyn and I made this little video to see how to make a Remedy Solution Bottle. Enjoy!

Friday, August 15, 2008

What is Homeopathy?

For those looking for a succinct overview...

Homeopathy, a holistic medical system, was created over 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann, a medical doctor disenchanted with traditional (allopathic) medicine and its inability to actually cure disease. A combination of scientific method and art, homeopathy is founded on a series of distinct principles, the basis of which is “like cures like” meaning a substance that can cause illness can also cure it in its homeopathic form.

Homeopathic remedies are made using a plant, mineral, or animal substance prepared according to the second principle, “Potentization,” a process by which the remedy is highly diluted in water and succussed (a process of shaking). Unlike herbal preparations, there is not a single measurable molecule of the original substance remaining in the remedy, only its vibrational energy. The water is then infused onto sugar pellets. Many people dose with the dry pellets, but water dosing is gaining momentum as a gentler, faster-acting method.

In accordance with homeopathy’s third principle, each remedy is “proven” in a clinical study of healthy people to determine which symptoms it can cure. While there are over 2,500 proven remedies available today, approximately 200 remedies comprise those most frequently used, known as polychrests.

The remedy works as a catalyst to the person’s own immune system using the smallest possible dose. This fourth key principle is the law of the “minimum dose,” meaning the dose given is so small it should cure without side effect.

A holistic approach, homeopathy treats the whole person taking into account not only physical and mental symptoms but things such as dreams, sleep habits, food cravings and aversions, general personality, family health history, etc. It is safe for pregnancy, newborn babies, and even pets. It's effectiveness in treating babies and pets disproves the placebo effect theory sometimes attributed to its results. It’s nontoxic and effective in treating both acute and chronic illness. Homeopathy is an individualized, natural, holistic medicine offering healing and health to everyone.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Homeopathy: Redefining Your "Comfort Zone"

Last year my son developed an acute illness which eventually became chronic and just wouldn’t go away despite trying several different remedies. In the previous three years since beginning homeopathy, the kids rarely required a doctor visit other than an annual checkup. But my son continued to have a fever and his cough just wouldn’t quit. One morning he woke up coughing so hard, he threw up mucus and a small bit of blood. His fever was 103. I called my husband and said, “I’m way past my comfort zone, we need to take him to urgent care.”

The doctor listened to his lungs, looked in his ears, and gave him a very thorough exam. Diagnosis: a no name virus not requiring antibiotics. I was both relieved and disappointed. Of course, I was relieved because my son’s condition wasn’t serious and also because I dread antibiotics given our history of chronic systemic yeast and spectrum issues. On the other hand, I was disappointed but not because I wanted antibiotics to eliminate my son’s health issue. I was disappointed in myself for reverting to allopathic medicine when the going got tough.

At the time I rationalized my son was seriously ill and for whatever reason I thought allopathic medicine was most necessary in the face of serious illness. I must preface this by saying even today if my children are very ill and not recovering the way they should, I will still take them in for a doctor visit. I may not ever fill the script if one is prescribed but I think maintaining my child’s health is far and away more important than maintaining my ego as a homeopath.

But as time went on, I began to realize, perhaps when things become more serious is precisely the time I should be running to homeopathy, not allopathy. History has shown us in serious epidemics such as the 1918 flu pandemic, homeopathy saved more patients than allopathy. In fact, the mortality rate for homeopathic patients was 1% while the rate for conventional medicine patients was over 30%. This realization simply meant I had to re-examine what exactly my “comfort zone” was and why when pushed past it I thought allopathy was the better choice.

I was given this opportunity later in the year when my oldest daughter developed a critical illness called Henoch Schonlein Purpura (HSP), possibly as a latent consequence of vaccine reaction. Starting as just a rash on her lower legs, she eventually became covered in bruises, was bleeding internally from the kidneys and intestines, and paralyzed from the neck down. We rushed her to the hospital when it became clear something was seriously wrong with her. In fact, she made 5 visits to the ER that week for IV fluids. Unfortunately, (or perhaps fortunately) allopathic medicine offers no treatment for HSP. Steroids and chemotherapy are their best offerings and neither result in a quick or permanent cure. In many studies, steroids provided absolutely no benefit but doctors continue to prescribe them.

The kidney specialist we saw told us it would take one to two years for the steroids to stop her kidneys from losing protein and bleeding. We were told without a biopsy and immediate steroids, my daughter’s kidneys would be permanently damaged. I’m not sure how a year or two of steroids would somehow prevent this if the need for treatment was so urgent. However, I do know the right homeopathic remedy stopped the protein within 3 days. She quickly regained her health and has never been better.

The list of side effects for steroids is a mile long. The specialist guaranteed my daughter would experience weight gain, fatigue, a swollen face, stomach pain, nausea, lowered resistance to infections, and mood swings. She spoke for 5 minutes about the various side effects, some of which can be permanent. Worst of all, there was no guarantee the steroids would even work.

Along with unpleasant and perhaps long lasting side effects, allopathic medicine can often make us sicker. Recent studies indicate acetaminophen can deplete glutathione levels decreasing immunity and the body’s ability to detoxify. Depleted glutathione levels have also been implicated in autistic spectrum disorder. Accidental acetaminophen overdose has been identified as the number one cause of acute liver failure in the United States. Ibuprofen has also been cited as creating serious adverse reactions in children who are mildly dehydrated, and can cause two rare but serious disorders.

While many studies show the use of these two over-the-counter medicines as mostly safe, the very act of using them to suppress the illness or fever can have consequences. A series of studies show using acetaminophen during the flu can prolong the illness by up to 3.5 days. And giving these medicines to children to treat a fever, robs the body of its natural defense to fight off the illness at hand.

Usually, allopathic medicines don’t cure illness. They simply suppress symptoms. Antibiotics, steroids, even acetaminophen and ibuprofen can drive an illness deeper so eventually a more serious issue may develop. A prime example of this is children who develop asthma after using corticosteroid crèmes to treat eczema. Instead of using the skin to express dis-ease in the body, the lungs now become the target of this expression. Most of us were never taught the symptoms are not the illness itself, but manifest as the way our bodies attempt to restore health.

Some medicines can even create the need for more medication. This is often seen in the elderly who are put on one medication after the other when each new medication brings new side effects (symptoms). Thus each new “symptom” results in a new medication until they are on 5 or more different medications. In 2005, senior citizens averaged over 27 prescriptions annually!

This is not to say allopathic medicine does no good or there isn’t a need for certain medications. For many people, allopathic medicine is a true lifesaver. But for many others, it creates the ill health it endeavors to appease. I turned away from allopathic medicine for these very reasons. It failed me and it failed my children who experienced severe and long lasting ill effects as a result of their routine infant vaccinations.

As a homeopath, it is very frustrating that it is all too easy to turn away from homeopathy in times of illness and put our trust and faith back in allopathic medicine. As a parent, I completely understand this response and would never criticize another parent for choosing what they think is the best care for their child. In fact, I encourage parents to see a doctor to ensure their child is receiving timely care. Overtime though, my own “comfort zone” has shifted and I now believe homeopathy is the right choice for my children even in times of serious illness, actually, especially in times of serious illness.

The problem is all the moms and dads out there don’t have access to a skilled homeopath for acute treatment. What do they do? Homeopathy takes years of training and acutes are often especially difficult as so many remedies begin to look the same as we search through books with bleary eyes and a spouse in the background yelling at us to just give the kid some ibuprofen or the antibiotic so everyone can get some sleep. For some parents, the ideal situation is to treat our kids the easiest, fastest method possible and then use homeopathy to clean up the fallout. In times of serious illnesses, as a parent, it doesn't matter what kind of medicine makes our children better, it only matters that it does. But are we trading the quick fix for more serious chronic illness?

At what point will homeopathy not be able to address the suppression of allopathic meds? Many of the chronic illnesses experienced today are a result of suppressed symptoms/illness. Continued suppression makes the homeopathic case that much more complicated and difficult to cure. Additionally, we are already seeing antibiotics fail and more and more virulent illnesses which don’t respond to any allopathic treatment.

Thankfully, homeopathy can frequently treat that which allopathic medicine cannot. Many come to homeopathy as a last resort because all else has failed. This has made many a believer in homeopathy.

Perhaps it is wishful thinking for me to hope some day homeopathy will be the medicine of first choice, not a treatment of last resort.

Erica McPhee

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